Star Crossed

Duration: 22 min
i.c.w. choreographer nunu kong,
dancers: Liu Yanan, Zhou yun, Yang Ying, Liu Ran,
trumpet players: JQ Whitcom, Feng Yu Cheng

Star-Crossed is a dynamic installation that hovers between sculpture and stage, in pursuit of ‘the soul in limbo’. Tee asked Shanghai-based choreographer nunu kong to develop a routine of poses and postures while reflecting on the poetic titles of the vessels. The constellation of weavings allow the space to blend the functions of sculpture and stage. The movements of the five female dancers accompanied by a trumpet improvisation based on Duke Ellington’s The Star-Crossed Lovers (1967), are as modern as jazz. But they also connect to the Taoist treatment of objects both as everyday useable things and as highly symbolic forms, or companions in daily ritual.

Many thanks to: The Dutch Culture Center, Shanghai

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