Duration: 28 min
Concept and choreography:
Jennifer Tee
Created and performed by
Marjolein Vogels and MiRi Lee

Star-Crossed is an installation that hovers between sculpture and stage. Every Saturday, the installation is set alive by two dancers performing a choreography that connects the shapes and the titles of the vases to the language of movement. The vases are grouped in three series: the jars, the wood fired vessels and the urn and funerary vases. Each vase has its own set of movements, inspired by Asian calligraphy, which lie between a ‘language’ and a choreography. Through breathing rhythms and bodily sounds, the dancers provoke a physical and meditative space. The focus lies on intermediate states, or ‘the Soul in Limbo,’ in which Tee explores the mutability and complexity of an existence in which cultures are constantly merging, while seeking modes of expression for ‘a more beautiful and soulful world.’

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