The land of toverknal

For The Land of Toverknal Tee travelled to the north-eastern part of Brazil, where she was intrigued by 'the world behind the real world' and involved herself in Candomblé. Candomblé is an Afro-Brazilian religion that mixes African believes (brought by the slaves) with Catholicism and is an important contributor to the Afro-Brazilian identity. The Candomblé rituals involve the possession of participants by Orixás (deities), animal sacrifices, healing, dancing, drumming and fortunetelling. The Orixás function as mediums through which commu­ni­cation between the sacred world and the terrestrial world is believed to be possible. Tee herself is introduced into this mysterious religion through an initiation ceremony, trying to discover her own relation with the unconscious, the world and the cosmos: relations that can't be explained logically, but can be felt emotionally.
Three videofragments.